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Upload your Films on ONLINEFILM
Starting from now on, filmmakers can easily distribute their films over the internet. You simply have to register with ONLINEFILM, enter some information on your film (e.g. a summary, credits), upload it on the network and finally set the selling and/or streaming price. The film is then online and ready for sale.
After having sold a film via the ONLINEFILM site, you receive a notification and get paid.

The shopadmin is the new access modul into the system to enter metadata, upload films and create offers for different forms of distribution. Further more it allows you to regularly check the current selling status of your offers..
All films will be displayed at the site and some selected films will be displayed at other partner sites (PDF 2,6MB) as well.

The shopadmin is entered with a valid user name and password and gives you access to all relevant data concerning your film.
For an extensive instruction, please follow the users manual (PDF, 570KB).

If you want to add special information or details to the metadata which is not applicable in shopadmin you may add this in cb-film
What ever you enter there will be displayed at the partner sites as well. It is one database with different entries.
Please do not upload films in cb-film!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
On you will find general information for distribution, technical details concerning the submission of metadata and how to upload films.
(Please click on „FAQ Selling/uploading a film“)

Digital Rights Information

We focus on transparency and process fairness. Through the payment the film gets into possession of the user. He is also entitled to burn the film on a DVD and to create backups or copies for the family circle! Read more